I have been home just over a month from my year abroad and it still doesn’t seem real I spent a year studying in Hong Kong.

Since my first day of university I knew I wanted to go to Hong Kong for my exchange. When I left for my exchange, as I study full time in a different country from where I grew up, I had already experienced the excitement of calling another country home, becoming independent and speaking a different language.

Even so, when it was time for me to go I felt scared as if i’d never been away from home and was surmounted by mix emotions.

As soon as I arrived, surrounded by loads of people that soon became my friends, roommates and travelling buddies all those doubts disappeared, cancelled by the joy of being somewhere new.

Every day of my exchange in Hong Kong was different, there is no time to get bored as there is so much to do and experience.

If you love sailing, hiking, cycling around islands, or trying different foods and check out local markets Hong Kong has something for everyone.

For travelling lovers, every weekend there is a different destination to explore.

What made my experience unforgettable was the possibility to travel to amazing countries, from spending Christmas in Japan, celebrating the Chinese new year in Vietnam and celebrating my birthday in the Philippines.

You might be thinking, this sounds all amazing but what about the academic side? CUHK offers a wide range of classes and allows you to choose according to your interests with the condition that you meet all the prerequisites. During the first week of the semester you will be able to attend as many classes as you want and then add/drop them, allowing you to study exactly what you want.

Some photos of my adventure:


1 (3)




Trying out some food in Vietnam





Bike ride exploring Hong Kong

1 (4) 1 (5)

1 (2)









1 (8)




Relaxing in the Philippines 🙂





1 (6)




A day hiking with my roomie




1 (7)


Finally reached a natural infinity pool

A year in Hong Kong

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