A Wine Tour, a Ball, a Sunset, a Roast Dinner, an AFL Game…

Glenelg Beach Sunset

It’s been a busy past few weeks finalising spring break plans and finishing assignments.  Highlights include the Psychology Ball! It was Gatsby themed and a lot of people went all out in flapper dresses, head bands, boas – it was

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Travelling Alone: A mistake?


Travelling Alone: A mistake? Stepping on to a plane that would take me across the world to an unknown place, away from my friends, my family, my comfort, filled me with a lot of anxiety there’s no denying that. The idea of travelling

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If You Wanna Be a Badger Then Come Along With Me…

By the bright shining light of the moon! That is just a short snippet of the many University of Wisconsin varsity songs that I sang over and over at basketball and ice hockey games. I have been back in the

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First signs of Canadian Spring?

Well hello again to you! A little update on the weather report… positive temperatures have been reached!! Yippeeeee!!  I’m beginning to sound like a broken record regarding the weather but it is such a novelty. I don’t want to tempt

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Canadians Hate the Cold (Pre-Reading Week)

Howdy folks, Into the second blog post already, the time is flying! I thought I’d cover just a few things I’ve been up to and what’s surprised me over these past couple of weeks in the run up to Reading

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Western University eh?

I made it.  The long wait and drastic build up is over and I am finally in Canada! First impression: Cold. Oh boy the temperature change took quite some adjustment, that and being able to walk like a normal person

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