The Cast is Finally Off!

Então, pessoal? So seven weeks have passed since I broke my foot, and I’ve finally been given the go ahead to get rid of my cast boot and crutches (yay!) so I figured it would be a good time to

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Life is But a Dream

So the first few weeks have flown by, as is inevitable when you are thrown into a new country and a completely different life. When you are nearing the milestone of a whole month, you tend to look back and

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Chuseok in and around Seoul


Chuseok is one of the largest festivals in Korean culture; it is a harvest/thanksgiving style festival which merits an entire week of national holiday! Over this period families regroup in their hometowns to pay respect to ancestors while enjoying special

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My Week at Radboud Summer School


After my initial plans for the summer fell through I began to think of alternative ways to spend my summer and soon decided that I wanted to try a summer school. Once I had my mind set on going to

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Buena onda, buena fonda

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until a load of exams all came at once. One of the things I have struggled with here is managing my time. So much is happening all the time, and I try to say

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First month in Halifax, Canada

Hi my name is Jon, and I am currently study law abroad in Halifax, Canada. This first month abroad has been an adjustment. From the moment I left Halifax airport I realised so many things here were different. The first of

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