Internship with Amnesty International Chile

For the second part of my year abroad, I am working as an intern with Amnesty International Chile. Having never worked with such an organization before, I really did not know what to expect, but it’s been a fantastic experience. I

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Getting into a Routine.


Getting into a routine can be a difficult when you’re in a new country. You might not know the in-and-outs of local life and translating packaging at the supermarket is made even more confusing when the ingredients are in a

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Last Summer in Vienna!


Hello all! I am going to tell you about my summer school experience! Okay Let’s begin ! Shall we? =D. So last summer I got a chance to participate in the 27th International Summer University program at one of the world

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Blogging no Brasil: Episode 9

Hey guys, So today’s post is going to be something a little different, instead of being about my experiences here in Brazil, I am going to be talking about something that they have here that I wish we had in

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Perth, WA: The One Where I Play Tour Guide


Much like in my first semester, the weeks prior to my study break were enlivened by the arrival of visitors from back home. This time it came in the form of a family visit, though slightly staggered as my Mum

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Spring, Science and Some Cars


It’s been a very busy month, hence the delay in this post. Spring has arrived and the warmer weather means Geneva is in bloom: Now that the evenings are warmer they light up the Jet d’Eau, which makes for a

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