Last Summer in Vienna!


Hello all! I am going to tell you about my summer school experience! Okay Let’s begin ! Shall we? =D. So last summer I got a chance to participate in the 27th International Summer University program at one of the world

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A year in Hong Kong

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I have been home just over a month from my year abroad and it still doesn’t seem real I spent a year studying in Hong Kong. Since my first day of university I knew I wanted to go to Hong

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Home Kong

Dragon's Back Hike

              My year abroad has left me feeling like a divided individual. It seemed harsh to turn around to all my friends at home and state that, really, I did not want to come

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Soton – The First Few Days

Hi! I am Ling from Malaysia and I will be sharing with you my journey at the University of Southampton as I pursue my MSc in Risk Management I started my first full day in Soton on 17th September by

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Beaucoup de baguettes, fromages, et bien sûr, le vin.

I am writing this blog post from my french apartment with the sun shining through the window and a glass of wine at hand. My year here in Toulouse, France is soon to come to a close and it is

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