First month in Halifax, Canada

Hi my name is Jon, and I am currently study law abroad in Halifax, Canada. This first month abroad has been an adjustment. From the moment I left Halifax airport I realised so many things here were different. The first of

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Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione


Castello Sforzesco contains a museum, an art gallery and allows access into Parco Sempione which is a public park where a lot of live music and events occur-there is a small aquarium there as well. If you walk to the

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Lake Como


Another trip I managed to make over the Easter break was to Lake Como-one of the major lakes in northern Italy. It was quite a windy day but we managed to visit the Duomo and see the museum dedicated to

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So while on exchange I’ve managed to visit Venice twice now and both times have been fantastic! It does get incredibly crowded in some areas by tourists but as it is quite a small place with very narrow streets it

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Bergamo-Upper Town


So for one of my first trips on exchange i went to the nearby city Bergamo. A small city with two seperate districts; the old upper town (Citta Alta) and the more modern town below. You can get to the

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A year abroad in Ottawa and life back in Southampton


I completed my exchange in Ottawa during the 2015-2016 academic year. Having now finished my final year at Uni, I’m able to share my experience of my year abroad and how I settled back into life at Southampton! Before I

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