Last Summer in Vienna!


Hello all! I am going to tell you about my summer school experience! Okay Let’s begin ! Shall we? =D. So last summer I got a chance to participate in the 27th International Summer University program at one of the world

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Ciao ragazzi!!


Hi guys! So this post is incredibly late (oops). I started my exchange in Milan in late February. Milan has an incredibly busy lifestyle which regards high fashion so I have had to dress accordingly to fit in society (oh

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Selfie time!


So we visited a very famous shrine in Shibuya, which will be in a later post, however this is the selfie edition of our day out in Shibuya and harajuku!

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Shopping in Shibuya!


Hello Everyone! Here are some images of the very busy Shibuya! It’s a fantastic place but as you can see, extremely busy! Although there are some fantastic clothing stores, be careful of your Yen otherwise it will disappear very quickly,

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Famous Hachiko statue!


Anyone seen the famous movie about the dog, Hachiko? The dog that was so dedicated to his owner and waited for him, even though he had passed away nine years prior? Hachikō is known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公)

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Eating Katsudon! いただきます!


いただきます! Ita-da-ki-masu! (lets eat!) You say before digging into your meal! Went to a local restaurant just north of Aobadai area, about 15 minutes walk from my house, grabbed some lunch which was a set meal, cost around 580 yen,

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