A semester at Purdue

Final approach into Purdue Airport

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of spending last semester abroad, at Purdue University in the USA, and I thought I would share my experience here – hopefully this will come in handy to anyone else considering going to Purdue. Life

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An entire semester in Singapore


It’s been a while since the trip, but with the experience that it was, a recap won’t be a difficult feat to accomplish. Having lived in the UK for the duration of my studies, the first and most obvious change

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KAIST, South Korea: first impressions

First Impressions I still remember the first day that I have arrived to South Korea. After an exhausting 30 hour trip I have finally arrived at the Incheon International Airport (rated best airport worldwide for 9 years in a row).  To get

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Recess week in Southeast Asia

As I mentioned in my last post, Singapore is in a great location to travel to other countries. Two weeks ago we had our Spring Break, locally referred to as recess week, so I took the opportunity to travel around

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Studying at NUS

As the semester here is coming to an end, I’ll write a bit about the academic part of the exchange. School of Computing and NUS for that matter, is one of the best in Asia, so naturally I had to

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Semester is coming to an end – A few reflections.

It’s only 3 weeks left till the end of semester and all the deadlines are accumulating towards the end. Can’t believe the time here passes so quickly. I remember just arriving and suddenly it’s already end of semester. I have

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