Spring, Science and Some Cars


It’s been a very busy month, hence the delay in this post. Spring has arrived and the warmer weather means Geneva is in bloom: Now that the evenings are warmer they light up the Jet d’Eau, which makes for a

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Stairs, a Presentation and Going Underground… and Stairs


Stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. They’re putting a new lift in our building which means I’ve got to walk up and down six flights of stairs every day for six weeks. But apart from that it’s been a good

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Work and Snow


After a relaxing 3 weeks at home for Christmas doing no work, it was back to reality with a bump this month. I’ve spent much of my time writing my progress report, but it’s more or less finished now, which

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Celebrations, Visitors and Snow


Lots has happened in the last month and a half here in Geneva. For Bonfire Night I went to a British supermarket over the border in France. The heavy rain saved the Guy from the flames, but lots of people

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A semester at Purdue

Final approach into Purdue Airport

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of spending last semester abroad, at Purdue University in the USA, and I thought I would share my experience here – hopefully this will come in handy to anyone else considering going to Purdue. Life

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Autumn Is Here


Month two in Geneva and autumn is definitely upon us. The mornings are especially chilly; luckily the trams to CERN are nice and warm. At CERN I’ve managed to make some interesting histograms with nice peaks on them, though perhaps

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