Blogging no Brasil: Episode 8

Hey all! I didn’t expect to be making this post, but weirdly, 8 months into the exchange, I’ve been starting to feel as the Brazilians would say ‘Saudades’. I’ve tried to block out the UK while I’ve been living here

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The past few weeks

Giant's Cave

I haven’t written a blog in a few weeks so I thought I’d use this as a revision break: I’ve spent more and more time working; on my lit review and starting revision for exams as my first one is

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Pre-emptive jitters

I guess introductions are in order. My name is Elliott Joyce. I’m headed into my final year of university and am going to Western University for a semester to study. My flight is in 4 days. All good? Right. The

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Travelling Alone: A mistake?


Travelling Alone: A mistake? Stepping on to a plane that would take me across the world to an unknown place, away from my friends, my family, my comfort, filled me with a lot of anxiety there’s no denying that. The idea of travelling

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Differences between Soton and Adelaide


I’ve noticed a fair few differences in the past month and felt the need to rant/share some of them! Not all are bad..! Firstly, as most of you will know, I love mayo…yes I know, disgusting, but I love it

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One Monthiversary

River Torrens

I have now been in Adelaide for one whole month, scary times! I was talking to Molly – a fellow Soton gal here – about how it feels like we’ve been here for longer, but at the same time, it’s weird to

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