Pre-Departure Fears and The First Few Hours.

Out of the Frying Pan Leading up to my departure from the humble streets of London for the great unknown that was (and is) Seoul, the one word I noticed bouncing around in relation to me and my travels was

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おはようございます! (Good morning!) Today is the 5th in Sunny Japan and the cherry blossom season has just begun! Although I am still slightly jet lagged from the flight over, it has been exciting all the same! Currently I am in

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My Time At Western So Far

1 - Jan 14th - ICESKATING (14)

Hey guys – I’m James! I have been in Canada for almost a month already and I just cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. I arrived at my halls of residence at 1am after a full day of

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My Semester in Numbers

So it’s no surprise to my friends I like numbers and stats and maths etc., so I want to summarise my time in Australia with numbers from July 5th when I left London Heathrow, to December 11th when I land

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The past few weeks

Giant's Cave

I haven’t written a blog in a few weeks so I thought I’d use this as a revision break: I’ve spent more and more time working; on my lit review and starting revision for exams as my first one is

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A Wine Tour, a Ball, a Sunset, a Roast Dinner, an AFL Game…

Glenelg Beach Sunset

It’s been a busy past few weeks finalising spring break plans and finishing assignments.  Highlights include the Psychology Ball! It was Gatsby themed and a lot of people went all out in flapper dresses, head bands, boas – it was

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