Travelling Alone: A mistake?


Travelling Alone: A mistake? Stepping on to a plane that would take me across the world to an unknown place, away from my friends, my family, my comfort, filled me with a lot of anxiety there’s no denying that. The idea of travelling

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One Monthiversary

River Torrens

I have now been in Adelaide for one whole month, scary times! I was talking to Molly – a fellow Soton gal here – about how it feels like we’ve been here for longer, but at the same time, it’s weird to

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Parents visiting and spontaneous work

Under King Williams street bridge

The title almost sounds like my parents visiting prompted me to do some uni work… So due to most of my family living in Australia, my parents have been traveling around and came down to see me last weekend. It

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Getting through those first weeks

Well I’ve now been in Hong Kong for around 3 weeks now and I feel I’m starting to settle in to living here, but to be honest I found the first couple of weeks tough. Although I was warned about

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First signs of Canadian Spring?

Well hello again to you! A little update on the weather report… positive temperatures have been reached!! Yippeeeee!!  I’m beginning to sound like a broken record regarding the weather but it is such a novelty. I don’t want to tempt

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Canadians Hate the Cold (Pre-Reading Week)

Howdy folks, Into the second blog post already, the time is flying! I thought I’d cover just a few things I’ve been up to and what’s surprised me over these past couple of weeks in the run up to Reading

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