I’ve Decided to Climb Mt. Fuji in Aid of Epilepsy Society

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 22.17.56

“He who climbs Mount Fuji is a wise man, he who climbs twice is a fool” I don’t want to be a fool so I’m only going to climb it once. Unlike my dad who has climbed it 5 times!¬†I

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When Mum and Dad Came to Town


When my parents first new that I was going to be studying in Japan for a semester they knew it would be a perfect excuse to finally come back to the country they spent over 6 years living in and

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Getting into a Routine.


Getting into a routine can be a difficult when you’re in a new country. You might not know the in-and-outs of local life and translating packaging at the supermarket is made even more confusing when the ingredients are in a

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Becoming a Local


Despite the fact that I keep uttering the phrase ‘I live here,’ I still don’t think that it has fully sunk in yet.¬†Although I’m only here for 5 months, I have a Residence Card, Japanese Health Insurance and my own

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Selfie time!


So we visited a very famous shrine in Shibuya, which will be in a later post, however this is the selfie edition of our day out in Shibuya and harajuku!

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Shopping in Shibuya!


Hello Everyone! Here are some images of the very busy Shibuya! It’s a fantastic place but as you can see, extremely busy! Although there are some fantastic clothing stores, be careful of your Yen otherwise it will disappear very quickly,

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