Chuseok in and around Seoul


Chuseok is one of the largest festivals in Korean culture; it is a harvest/thanksgiving style festival which merits an entire week of national holiday! Over this period families regroup in their hometowns to pay respect to ancestors while enjoying special

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Hitting the Ground Running

Whenever I find myself moving on to a new place or seemingly starting a new chapter in my life, I always anticipate difficulty in adjusting to the transition. Moving to Seoul was no exception, in fact, I expected this to

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Tourist to (temporary) Resident


Being here for just shy of a month has been absolutely amazing, and I’m sure that will continue, however I have slowly noticed a strange transition happening. Slowly I am moving from as endlessly energetic and adventurous tourist into a full-time

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A Birthday Abroad


After finally finding bin bags, I was able to empty the bins! Who knew that they’d keep the bin bags behind the counter in shops? After my week of settling in I have been keenly exploring Seoul visiting many of

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Settling into Seoul

From the 29th floor, a view of South Seoul (Gangnam)

When travelling to a different culture and country for the first time, knowing it will be the place you are going to live, you are never quite sure what to expect. But when you arrive to the welcoming warmth of

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Pre-Departure Fears and The First Few Hours.

Out of the Frying Pan Leading up to my departure from the humble streets of London for the great unknown that was (and is) Seoul, the one word I noticed bouncing around in relation to me and my travels was

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