“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.” Nury Vittachi, Hong Kong: The City of Dreams

Hong Kong, my reason to get up in the morning and stay up all night. Never could you run out of things to do in Hong Kong. A city that you could ride escalators in the middle of the city, just to get to happy hour on time. A city that built malls with free rooftops to watch the skyline. A city that offers limitless options for a sunset, and each and every are enchanting. Even the thunderstorms and typhoons are wonderfully enchanting. From temples to tsintaos, Hong Kong has it all. A city for adventurers, for foodies, for nature lovers, for parties, for people, for culture.

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Arriving in Hong Kong with little expectations made it easier to delve into a new way of life. Coming from a sleepy Irish village into the depths of a city that never sleeps. A new life that demanded adjustment to the language, the MTR, small living spaces,  densely populated streets, high rise buildings, time difference and new currency. But all of these challenges were trivial and easy to adapt too. Nothing was ever too large to overcome when you lived in Hong Kong. The city is the most welcoming, fascinating and happy place I have ever lived.

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My exchange was with the University of Hong Kong, one of the greatest in Asia and the world, and it was a privileged to be taught by world class lecturers, and the opportunity to learn things that Southampton could never offer me. From being taught Buddhism form a Buddhist monk (*studying one term of Buddhism won’t make you find nirvana) to Mandarin by a local teacher,(*studying one term of mandarin will not make you a Chinese goddess) to teaching me a greater understanding of the Hong Kong Political system. The University of Hong Kong had its historically beautiful 100 year old buildings and vastly contrasted was the new centennial campus making it the greatest university campus I have ever seen – not to forget the discounted Starbucks on campus.

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Turning 21

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When in Hong Kong – do something different – hire a tram (*mode of transport parties are the messiest)

Crossing the Boarder

Language and culture strains in the capital of China

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Featuring, the summer palace, tinnamen square and the great wall of china

Lost in Translation

From one great power to another in the form of Japan

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Featuring Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo

Finding the Perfect Paradise

Hong Kong perfect beaches, to channelling your inner Leonardo DiCaprio in Thailand, to the white sands of Philippines, – Asia will guarantee your perfect paradise

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South East Asia on a Shoe String


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Featuring Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok, Krabi and Ko Phi Phi


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Featuring Siem Reap, Angor Wat and Phonem Penh


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Featuring Sapa, Halong Bay, Hanoi and Hoi an


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Saying goodbye

At the end of it all, I realized how much I had grown and changed. I realized the irony of how moving 5,000 miles away from home could lead you to find a place more like home. And because of this, the realization that home goes far beyond nationality or race. I realized how comforting it is to share your city with 7 million other people. And how quickly friends can become family, and making an international network of friends will be the easiest thing you could ever do and they will teach you more about the world than any institution ever could.

That last flight departing from the city of my dreams will stay with me forever. And as hard as it was, it was so worthwhile, it is the cliche of if you are brave enough to leave your comfort zone, and willingly cross oceans and embrace new cultures, you will have the most immensely incredible time of your life wherever the world brings you.

Featuring my favorite memories

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Junk Boats

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Lan Kwai Fong


Big Buddha


Wong Tai Sin Temple


Lions Rock Hike


Dragons Back Hike


Nan Lion Garden


Infinity Pool

11986434_10205307770118688_6565140801995669287_n 12308232_10205311048480645_9087410966670408046_n

Clockenflap Music Festival

12923170_10206093521081971_6968584759071713868_n 13871800_10206893232554258_2062740038_n

The Peak




Happy Valley Horse races



Mr Wongs


Wan Chai Wedensdays


10,000 Buddhas

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High Table Dinners


Wooloomooloo Rooftop Bar

Final Thoughts

Hong Kong enlightened my life in so many ways, and opened up employment opportunities and desires to work abroad in the future, gave me sofas to crash on across the world, gave me self-sufficiency and independence, time, work and money management, language skills, opportunities to see so many beautiful countries across Asia but most of all, a longing to go back to Hong Kong – my reason to be nocturnal, the city of my dreams, my home, my happy place, my urban jungle.


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Wonderstruck by Hong Kong

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