Tips for the first weeks of studying abroad

Hi everyone! I am a third-year MSci Marine Biology and study abroad student, currently having my year exchange in James Cook University, Australia. James Cook University (JCU) is known for their leading research in coral studies (mainly due to its

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Life in Adelaide


Since I returned from Australia everyone keeps asking ‘So what’s university like in Australia? Is it really different?’ and to tell the truth, no. It is, on the whole, very similar to studying in the UK. However, the more I

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My Semester in Numbers

So it’s no surprise to my friends I like numbers and stats and maths etc., so I want to summarise my time in Australia with numbers from July 5th when I left London Heathrow, to December 11th when I land

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The past few weeks

Giant's Cave

I haven’t written a blog in a few weeks so I thought I’d use this as a revision break: I’ve spent more and more time working; on my lit review and starting revision for exams as my first one is

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Been Having a Whale of a Time


I’ve just landed back in Sydney and am sitting on a train back to my Aunt’s house to spend a week with family. The last week has been very relaxing and full of sunshine and catching up with family friends.

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A Wine Tour, a Ball, a Sunset, a Roast Dinner, an AFL Game…

Glenelg Beach Sunset

It’s been a busy past few weeks finalising spring break plans and finishing assignments.  Highlights include the Psychology Ball! It was Gatsby themed and a lot of people went all out in flapper dresses, head bands, boas – it was

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