Differences between Soton and Adelaide


I’ve noticed a fair few differences in the past month and felt the need to rant/share some of them! Not all are bad..! Firstly, as most of you will know, I love mayo…yes I know, disgusting, but I love it

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One Monthiversary

River Torrens

I have now been in Adelaide for one whole month, scary times! I was talking to Molly – a fellow Soton gal here – about how it feels like we’ve been here for longer, but at the same time, it’s weird to

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First Month in Adelaide


It is hard to believe that a month ago today after lots of goodbyes and 24 hours of travel I arrived here in Adelaide, on the other side of the world to my friends and family and suddenly everything felt

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Parents visiting and spontaneous work

Under King Williams street bridge

The title almost sounds like my parents visiting prompted me to do some uni work… So due to most of my family living in Australia, my parents have been traveling around and came down to see me last weekend. It

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Life Down Under

Cassandra Benson2

(This blog has been submitted on behalf of our student) I am Cassandra Benson, BSc Geography student, and I studied at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth last semester and the experience was unforgettable. Life in Perth was very

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A Recap of My First Week (and a half) in Adelaide

Feeding kangaroos at Urimbirra

I’m feeling too sensitive to do proper work so I thought I’d write another blog post about my first full week here. So where did I get up to last time… Okay finally got wifi working on my laptop and

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