Tips for the first weeks of studying abroad

Hi everyone! I am a third-year MSci Marine Biology and study abroad student, currently having my year exchange in James Cook University, Australia. James Cook University (JCU) is known for their leading research in coral studies (mainly due to its

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Ciao ragazzi!!


Hi guys! So this post is incredibly late (oops). I started my exchange in Milan in late February. Milan has an incredibly busy lifestyle which regards high fashion so I have had to dress accordingly to fit in society (oh

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Aobadai international community


Just a quick update to the blog! (been to a few places in the last two weeks of being in Japan, but will make more posts of this later) Some images of my dormitory in Aobadai area, I’m right in

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Blogging no Brasil: Episode 8

Hey all! I didn’t expect to be making this post, but weirdly, 8 months into the exchange, I’ve been starting to feel as the Brazilians would say ‘Saudades’. I’ve tried to block out the UK while I’ve been living here

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First Month in Adelaide


It is hard to believe that a month ago today after lots of goodbyes and 24 hours of travel I arrived here in Adelaide, on the other side of the world to my friends and family and suddenly everything felt

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