It’s been a very busy month, hence the delay in this post. Spring has arrived and the warmer weather means Geneva is in bloom:


Now that the evenings are warmer they light up the Jet d’Eau, which makes for a spectacular view across the lake:


Also in the weather: the wind, helping CERN to how off its international nature:


Spring also means the return of the Geneva International Motor Show. It’s big… really big… much bigger than I imagined…


I also went on another underground visit, this time to see the ALICE detector:


Finally, I gave a talk at the IOP Joint APP and HEPP Annual Conference in the University of Sheffield’s Diamond Building (Institute Of Physics, Astro-Particle Physics, High-Energy Particle Physics):


(no prizes for working out how they came up with the building’s name). It was another scary experience, but a very rewarding one nonetheless.

I’ve started work on my final report now, as I head into my final month abroad; my next post will be my last.

P.S. We have a shiny new lift in our building, so no more stairs!

Spring, Science and Some Cars

Misha Cooke

I'm studying to become a Master of Physics and, for my fourth and final year, the university selected me to go to Switzerland to do research at CERN.

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