Hey all!

I didn’t expect to be making this post, but weirdly, 8 months into the exchange, I’ve been starting to feel as the Brazilians would say ‘Saudades’. I’ve tried to block out the UK while I’ve been living here but finally the urge to see my family and eat British food has broken through. It has nothing to do with not enjoying Brazil – on the contrary I’m having the most fun now and meeting more and more people than ever before. Saudades is difficult to translate, it comes out as “longing” in English, but is usually translated by saying that you “miss” something.

  • I miss my family.
  • I miss fish and chips
  • I miss playing FIFA with my best friend
  • I miss eating Chinese on a Saturday with my grandma.
  • I miss actual British tea
  • I miss eating a good chicken balti
  • I miss flat pavements

It’s the home straight now and I don’t want to wish the time to pass because I’m having a whale of a time here. I will though, be celebrating whole-heartedly when I return to the UK.

Onwards and upwards!

Até mais e grande abraço!

Blogging no Brasil: Episode 8

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