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(Good morning!)
Today is the 5th in Sunny Japan and the cherry blossom season has just begun!
Although I am still slightly jet lagged from the flight over, it has been exciting all the same!

Currently I am in in Aobadai, just outside of Yokohama City which is a beautiful place. It has everything you need to live comfortably when travelling to Japan for your first time. Basically, a lot of retail shops, ATMs, and even an international English language school on the high street.

I think the most interesting thing I’ve seen so far is the fact that the vending machines serve hot drinks and hot food.

Mornings are early in Japan and the night life is taken up by ‘Pachinko’ which is basically Casinos, they’re like a mini Las Vegas in every building. Above are some images of my light travels around the city. (Featuring my roommate Mari, who is from Turkey) And I shall  hopefully be travelling around a bit more before my university course starts!

(Until next time!)


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