My experience in China, Xiamen was incredible. Despite it being a summer school, we also got to visit some fantastic places in Xiamen such as Gulangyu island and the Hakka earth towers.

One of the main things I was looking forward to was tasting all the different foods in China. However, the meals in China were a lot different to what we can get in the U.K. On the first day we had a welcome dinner at Yifu Hotel Restaurant. We got to taste delicious foods, and I got to eat fish eye for the first time.

One of my favourite trips were the Zengcuoan visit. Here we had the opportunity to buy a lot of pearls. Even though we had a lot of time to spend at this place, my group spent most of the time at the pearl shops. At this place, we also got to taste a lot of different types of tea.

Furthermore, we got to learn more about Chinese cultures such as the Beijing Opera Appreciation and Facial Mask making. In this lesson, we discovered the different types of masks, the meaning of each colour and also had an opportunity to create our own masks.

Finally, from the lectures, we got an insight into the Chinese economic growth.



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