Blumenau? How about Blumen-wow!!!

The bus slowly backed into the parking space, Two men fell silent before screeching at the top of their voices “We’re going to Blumenauuuuuuu!!!!”

I am not a self-confessed fan of beer, nor am I usually prepared to take a 10 hour coach ride just for a weekend break. But this was not just a regular weekend break, this was to the world famous Blumenau Oktoberfest. Yes, Blumenau hosts the second largest Oktoberfest in the world, with only the one in Munich superseding it. This is owing to the large proportion of German descendants in the south of Brazil. I had a certain picture of how I imagined Blumenau would be when I arrived, but reality instantly changed that. Being a German student, I had an instant interest in getting to Blumenau; and, although when people dropped out and it looked uncertain that anything would go ahead, plans pulled through and I managed to make it the final destination!

I had little idea of the experiences that were to unfold during my time in the rather more European south of Brazil!

Read on find out what I got up to in Blumenau in my full blog at

All the best!

Até mais e grande abraço!

Blogging no Brasil: Episode 4

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