Just a quick update to the blog!

(been to a few places in the last two weeks of being in Japan, but will make more posts of this later)

Some images of my dormitory in Aobadai area, I’m right in the middle of the town with aobadai station being 15 minutes walk away, and Tokaichiba station being only 5 minutes walk. Convenience stores are scattered around the area and there are many Pachinko buildings! (casinos) It’s a very comfortable place to live, with all the necessities, like a Daiso store on top of a food market.



Daiso is basically an “100 yen” shop where you can buy anything, maybe equivalent to poundland or wilkinsons in England.


Also around the area is some local shrines, offerings are very specific as you can only give certain foods, oranges so far are the only fruits I’ve seen, this is just outside the dormitory! To offer, you approach, clap twice and then pray. Today I prayed for the prosperity of the town.


Aobadai international community

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