This is my second blog as part of the requirements for my year abroad. I’m writing this the day after finishing my exams for the second semester, thus finishing the academic part of my ‘Year Abroad’.

The second semester started off very stressful. The module choice this time was even worse than the first, and without a bit of leniency in the credit weightings it’d have been incredibly difficult to even take the amount of credits required. This provided me with the opportunity, or the requirement, to study things like Macro-economy. Something that has and will always have absolutely nothing to do with my degree. I also was able to choose a module on language culture, a module that even the native students said was the worst and most difficult thing they’d ever studied and that it was pointless to even bother trying.

The semester brought a new teacher for French who was a bit more relaxed than the previous, though this meant that we didn’t really do too much work per lesson. We’d take a good 3 weeks on a single topic that they’d grind through in 90 minutes in the first semester. The final results were okay. I went into the final grammar and writing exams knowing that I literally didn’t need to pass the module, and that if I got a 4/20 I’d pass the module anyway. So rather than stressing I just didn’t bother too much with them and got 12 and 15 respectively. The speaking exams were better, I received 18 in both for an average of 18, my highest this year. Something that I was happy about.

My education this semester was dominated by the YARP. I didn’t really have too much time for anything other than the YARP. My history module was interesting, but I couldn’t get too involved for fear of taking time away from the YARP, the only important part of the year for this degree programme.

The semester provided me, however, with good opportunity for exploring France and Europe. I travelled to Monaco to see Strasbourg win 5-1, to Lille to see Strasbourg lift the Coupe de la Ligue trophy and qualify for the Europa League, to Amiens, and to Amsterdam.

All in all, once I do make my way home for summer, I’ll be a bit happier. The year was difficult, but I got through it and the experiences have helped me build my character. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants a change from the daily life in Southampton. Whether you enjoy that change will be up to you. Thanks for reading.

A Second Semester in Strasbourg

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