Despite Covid-19 cancelling the summer programme to visit and study in the city, I was pleased that Stockholm University were continuing their programmes virtually.

As a Law student, I chose to study the two-week course on Law and Economics to explore the relationship between the two fields and how they rely on each other in society. Before each week, we were given a reading list so that we could familiarise ourselves with the texts, understand the concepts and theorems that would be covered in the upcoming lectures. This was particularly useful because it gave me a basic understanding on complex issues before it was taught in the lectures, providing me an opportunity to ask any questions I did not understand in the lecture.

Despite the lectures being held over zoom, they were engaging, and students were able to interact with each other, often sparking debates on current issues. In some lectures, we were divided into groups for challenges. Breaking into smaller groups allowed us to get acquainted to other students from different universities around the world, allowing me to meet new people. We were required to work in small teams to discuss issues and present our arguments to the group. There were six lectures in total, each taking a different approach to the subject of Law and Economics, for example, looking at the political economy, the economic analysis of law, and the policy and development of the subject over time.

Our assignment required us to decide on a topic that was covered during the course and submit an essay. As the course covered a wide range of topics, there was freedom to choose an issue that particularly interested us, and we were only expected to cover issues that were useful and relevant to our argument.

Overall, although I was unable to visit Stockholm, I was still able to meet new people from different countries. The course was interesting and allowed me to gain a thorough insight into how Law and Economics are intertwined in society. It was a highly enjoyable experience; one I would recommend to students.

Virtual Stockholm University Summer School

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