It has been five (05) weeks since my first arrival to the UK. Overall, I have found myself satisfied with a variety of good things at Southampton that I cannot wait to tell you. Those are convenient accommodation, brilliant food, fabulous learning facilities, lovely international friends, numerous social activities, and well-equipped sport centre.

So far so good. Along with my main MSc Marketing Management course, I have enjoyed making new friends around the world and immersing myself in studying the Bible at iConnect (Sundays), iExplore (Wednesdays), iCafe (Mondays). I have been on and off to iCafe due to study workload (excuse) and my mood swings (main reason) but never missed any session of the other two.

In addition to goofing around Southampton, I have been travelling to Bath (with Chi, her Indian and Nigerian friends), Brighton (with Vietnamese folks), Oxford (with Friends International Organisation), and London (with Chevening scholars). Yes, most of my weekends are occupied with exciting and fascinating adventures.

As such, I am writing to share with you about things in the UK that have amazed me recently. Following some of which I had or had not expected before coming here, and how they turned out to be the other way around.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. First impression on the UK. Culture and language shock.
  2. Annoying things
  3. Happy moments/Enjoyable experiences
  4. Terrible experiences.
  5. First lessons
  6. How I have changed recently
  7. Tips to enjoy every single moment at Southampton, including food/drink I like to eat/drink, entertainment I like to get, and crazy things I love to do when I feel blue/upset.

I am going to add more points into these above topics for the time being. Also, please stay turned to my next posts and enjoy reading.

(to be continued)

My real-life UK experience: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEORY AND PRACTICE – Introduction

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