I am glad to share my experience as a participant in Rennes School of Business’s Paris luxury business summer programme. This programme exceeded my expectations by combining academic brilliance, cultural experience, and industrial expertise.

I was charmed by the grandeur and beauty of Paris, the embodiment of luxury, from the time I arrived. The faculty members, who were all known experts in their disciplines, presented fascinating lectures and workshops that helped me better comprehend luxury company strategy and market trends. Their knowledge, paired with a hands-on approach, enabled me to gain significant skills applicable to the luxury business.

Through corporate visits and guest lectures from prominent luxury firms, the programme also provided significant industry exposure. These conversations gave direct insights into the inner workings of the luxury industry in Paris, creating a better awareness of its particular difficulties and potential. The networking possibilities were unsurpassed, allowing me to engage with business leaders and colleagues from all around the world.

Furthermore, the program’s emphasis on cultural immersion enabled me to fully immerse myself in the art, fashion, food, and history that make Paris so enticing. The organised cultural events and guided excursions gave me a thorough understanding of the city’s legacy, allowing me to appreciate the interplay between luxury and culture.

Finally, the Paris luxury business summer programme at Rennes School of Business gave an opportunity to learn about the luxury industry. I suggest this programme to anybody looking for an educational experience in the heart of the world’s luxury city.

Paris luxury business summer program in Rennes School of Business

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