Alright here we go, placement vlog 2 electric boogaloo. It’s now early December and my time in Calgary is coming to an end, I’m not half as caffeine fuelled as before and can’t really find the enthusiasm to write this so enjoy I guess?

Autumn is in full swing so snow is a constant, -2 is considered a warm day and a chinook is basically a heatwave! Luckily I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Utah (a toasty 20/2oC) with a group of friends where we went hiking and climbing which was sick! Something I never considered I might be doing before I arrived out here. The whole thing was helped along by the fact I had sorted a US visa prior to leaving (which I would highly recommend if you consider coming to the south of Canada and want to travel a bit).

U T A H Crew

Lab work has been very stop and start which was quite stressful to deal with. That’s the thing with research, it doesn’t conform to deadlines you may have, especially if it involves collaborating with other group within the university. That being said, results are being obtained and they’re looking tasty.

As my flight creeps closer I’ve started looking back on my time in Calgary, how the time here has flown by, how much more comfortable I feel here compared to when I arrived and the brilliant group of friends I’ve made along the way. Simultaneously though I’m looking forward to the feeling of home; seeing my family, going to the pub with the bois, not freezing my ass off and not being called out for having an accent every other day.

Not too sure what else to tac on to this little ramble besides the Rockies be beautiful, the vibes be chill and I’m seriously considering returning in the near future

Leaving Calgary, back to the Blighty

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