Living here for over two months I’ve come to discover the thing I really love about Hong Kong, so I’m going to share some of those things with you guys.

1. Thrift Shops

I’m still at an early point in my thrifting career here, but I would say I have found so many gems thrift shopping Hong Kong. I always find that thrifting in London can be quite expensive unless you go to places like the East London Thrift Shop, but the thought of trawling through those clothes would instantly make me tired. I regularly browse through the classic retail shops in Causeway Bay, where I can find my beloved Bershka, Gu, and Monki which has quickly become my favourite shop. I was very shocked to find out that I could get three items for 120HKD which is £12. I lost my way a little and went overboard, visiting the little store in Li Yuen Street every other week collecting bags of what may seem like rubbish to others. If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong definitely worth checking out and if you’re reading this and you live here, wyd?

  Black Button Down Dress – (£6)

 Red Jacket (£4)

2. Nature

Okay, so I’m not sure if I can legitimately claim this as one of my favourite things in Hong Kong because I’ve only engaged in it once, but hopefully I’ll be motivated to continue to do so. Hiking is the thing. I went on my first hike for the first time last weekend, we embarked upon what is arguably the easiest trail known as the Dragon’s Back.  As soon as people hit Hong Kong they begin hiking and exploring the surrounding islands, but when I arrived every time I went outside I couldn’t walk more than three minutes without becoming a damp reservoir of sweat so that was not an option for me. As the temperature drops every day its way more feasible for me to hike now, so I can finally appreciate the great views Hong Kong has to offer. Being stuck in a crowded concrete jungle can often make you feel claustrophobic as I’ve mentioned before, but being able to lounge on a beach despite the threat of sand flees, climb mountains with vast amounts of space, you’re slowly cured of that icky feeling. The proximity of these two worlds is truly unique.

3. Sub-Culture

Is Dance a sub-culture I’m not even sure. Regardless, one of my favourite things about Hong Kong is the insane talent so many possess. Originally I was slightly bummed out because I thought it would be rare to hear any hip-hop / RnB while I’m here. I came to realise that this wasn’t true and usually if I go out I can always shake myself violently to Bodak Yellow. My main avenue of engaging with music is through some form of dance, so I joined DANSO (The University Dance Team), where every week I bump along to classic hip-hop and trap music. I’ve also attended classes at a really cool studio called Bedrex filled with amazing dancers. What I really like is that we’re all so different, different lives, backgrounds, and dreams but as soon as you blast SZA – Weekend through the speakers, we all move in the same way and feel the same things. So if you ever want to get in touch with your body or just really good music I recommend you dance in Hong Kong!


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