I am back in Halifax, Canada for the winter term. Calling the term the “winter” term is definitely and apt description of the term. My first few days back in Halifax I was met with temperatures of -15 degrees, far colder than anything I have ever experienced before. In the weeks after there was also around one foot of snow as well.
Something that I have also noticed that despite the cold weather and the city continues to function, with an efficient road and pavement clearing system. Completely opposed to London, where it appears that one inch of snow is enough to bring the whole city to a halt.

With this colder weather there are lot more winter activities available in and around the city, such as skiing and ice-skating. The former being something that I have never done before, however I am planning to use my time in Canada as an opportunity to learn how to ski.

The new term has also brought with it new faces, with new exchange students at the Dalhousie. Many of whom myself at the other lads from Southampton met at a dinner for international students put on by the university. At this dinner everyone brings food and drinks from them own culture, meaning there is a great array of food available.


Winter Term

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