One of the highlights of my trip was definitely when we went camping for a weekend on the Sunshine Coast, a few hours north of Sydney. We had wanted to go camping for weeks, and luckily found a weekend when we were all free. We were 6 of us; Me and my housemates Chris, Sam and Tiffany, Chris’ sister Betty, and our other friend Jess, who’s so much fun!


We got to the campsite pretty late so Friday was spent setting up our tents, and then just drinking and chatting around our tents. Jess had a campervan which she slept in, so she parked that right next to the tents to make a nice little circle.


We woke up pretty early on Saturday, because there were so many birds and animals around us which started making noise! We then spent the morning exploring the area and going to the beach nearby. There were so many dogs running around and having fun, which instantly put all the people on the beach in a good mood. At around 6pm we decided to go back to there for the evening. We took some drinks and snacks with us and set up a fire, and spent the evening there. It was such a great evening in a beautiful setting and really made me appreciate the Australian landscape more.


The next day we cooked a typical English breakfast, and slowly started to make our way home. We stopped at an amazing Thai restaurant for lunch which was in the middle of nowhere. The staff were so friendly and the food was amazing! When we finally got home (tired, needing a shower, and Tiff very sunburnt!), Chris realised that there was a street party going on just a few minutes from our house. So me Sam and Chris went to it, and it was so much fun! Overall it was just a great weekend!

My favourite weekend

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