I wasn’t planning on writing another post before travelling but given something funny actually happened I thought I’d share it and just write about my last week.

As of today, everything to do with travelling is booked! Flights are all sorted, and the tour/hostels/transport is all booked! I’m flying to Sydney on Thursday and leaving my luggage with family, then flying up to Cairns on Friday with my cousin, Liam. Annoyingly we couldn’t on the same dive boat, but he’s doing his PADI diving license, and I’m getting my advanced PADI! Then I have a few days where I’m hoping to go an hour south and visit a family friend, before joining up with the gals on the 3rd to start travelling south.  The gals being Becky, Beth, Lauren, Hannah and Lucy (Becky’s friend from home), and we’ll work out way down to Airlie beach where I’ll get a ferry to Hamilton Island to fly back to Sydney on the 9th.

So many people have left now, Kayla, Pops and Grai, Lindsay, Oli – just leaves Yuki and I left in the flat. It sucks saying goodbye to people – I’m an emotional, sentimental sap on a good day, so there may have been tears… But I know you make an effort with those you really care about, and we’re already making plans as to when we’ll next all see each other! I’ve spent my days in the sun on the beach, and my evenings going out with friends – very much enjoying relaxing.

Glenelg Beach
Glenelg Beach


Anyway, so back to the reason I thought this blog post was worth writing: I fell on my ankle on a night out…trying to jump up and hit a sign… and was hobbling for the rest of the night. When I woke up in the morning it had swollen up, so I very slowly made my way to one doctors round the corner, but they were busy and directed me to another. When I got to the second place I was seen really quickly and the doctor proceeded to prod and poke to see where it hurt. Because it hurt most on the bone he said it may be fractured so sent me off for an x-ray; so a bus ride and another hobbled walk later, I had a short wait for an x-ray, was given the scans of my ankle, and got the bus back home.

img_9658 img_9660

I was meant to be going to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, but I had to wait to see what the doctors said about the scan, as he said i’d have to come back in if he found something. So instead, Grai, Pops, Linds and I went to the river to lie in the sun and I spoke to a nurse who said no fracture (woo!). I was told if it didn’t get any better in a few days, to come back in and get a CAT scan, but the swelling has gone done so you can actually see my ankle bone now…!

Moral of the story – don’t jump for signs kids.

Also, the speed at which I walked in to get an appointment at the second place to walking straight in for an x-ray, impressed me. Granted I’ve not don’t much damage in England so can’t really compare to the NHS, but I was impressed nonetheless with the care I received here. And the first place charged my uni-insurance straight away, and though I had to pay for the x-ray, I put in a claim on the app and that’s all sorted too – so no money lost!

Anyway, I’ve been (mostly) resting my ankle – though some nights out have been spent leaning on friends when someone knocked my ankle, and being piggybacked home as I was hobbling too slowly for my friends…!

Trying to see the last of Adelaide and spending time with people I won’t see again for a while, almost finished my lit review, and need to start packing…my next post will be my travels…!

Happy reading,

P x

X-rays and sunshine

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