On the 24th of August, I started my psycholinguistics program for 5 days at University Utrecht. This is an elementary course for studying psycholinguistics. Still, the team from Study Abroad and Exchange help me find this suitable course for me and so many thanks to them.

The reason for choosing this program is my future research would closely link with psycholinguistics.

Below is the usual daily arrangement for these 5 days.

1 pm to 3 pm, carrying readings as suggestions

3 pm to 3.30 pm, taking a rest

3.30 pm to 4 pm, taking notes for readings reflection

4 pm to 5 pm, having dinner

5 pm to 6 pm, working out

6 pm to 7 pm, reviewing readings today

7 pm to 9 pm, attending the team meeting, psycholinguistics program.

Brief experience:

On several days before this program started, summer school guided me to enroll online and keep my summer school account. To this account, I can take resources from the university library. This helps me find my suggested readings. During this program, the most interesting thing is to engage with the program director and my classmates online. For each session, we discussed topics today and even relating areas. My classmates contribute much inspiring thoughts about psycholinguistics research and linguistics. It helps me to carry my new research.


However, one thing that should remind me is to communicate with the program director and do enough readings as it suggests to me. Both help me have access to this program more enjoyable.


To be honest, it still exists a lot of challenges. For example, even I do many readings, but it is still hard to gain detailed knowledge, and it is common to see unfamiliar jargon. But unfamiliar knowledge is interesting and recorded to research them after each day program. Because this is exploring and luckily under your interest. Try to be brave and talk to my questions with the tutor and classmates. They are enjoyable to discuss them with you.

Xufan Wu – Last Year MA Tesol

Psycholinguistics in University Utrecht

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