18th July:

12:52 So I’m sitting on the plane between two strangers waiting to take off…and I was trying to knit, but my hands were shaking, so I thought I’d write this instead. As most other exchange students do I thought I’d write a blog whilst I’m away which will probably have a readership of 2: my Ma and Dad, but heyho!

Note to self – He Lives in You from the Lion King is too emotional to listen to safely in front of strangers…

14:50 Okay, we’re about to land and seeing Adelaide from the plane makes me more excited than nervous..! It looks so tidy and organised with their gridlock system haha

19th July:

02:00 So i’m lying in my new bed and it actually feels rather comfortable! I’m mostly unpacked, though I think i’ll rearrange everything tomorrow… The shower is nice and powerful and the kitchen is..well.. a functioning kitchen with sofas to chill in (nicer than Monte..!) Tl:dr the accommodation is good! It’s been a less stressful day than I expected; I arrived at around 4pm at Urbanest and checked in before a welcome bbq and induction. Then I spent the evening with Graice buying food and chilling with a cuppa getting to know our new flatmate, Kayla. That’s enough waffle for today, need to be up for free pancakes at 9am!

later that evening… (didn’t write the time down…)

So today we got up early for the pancakes, which were so good, and free coffee. Had a welcome talk and there was a lovely induction and welcome from a staff member, Jack, who is part of the indigenous population and welcomed us by singing to ensure we are safe here. Then a group of us wondered around town and I found my new favourite shop… Cheap As Chips – it is kind of like PoundLand in that it’s cheap and has random crap haha. Already looking forward to going back with Graice and browsing haha. Tonight Graice, Kayla and I had fajitas and met our last flatmate, Oli. So the six of us are as follows;

  • Graice and I from Soton
  • Kayla from the States
  • Pauline (Pops) from France, though studying in Canada
  • Yuki from Japan
  • Oil from Germany

Had a lazy evening relaxing and tomorrow we’ll just explore more. Hope you’re finding this interesting Ma!

Okay so I wrote all that on my phone last week and thought I’d actually upload it before writing a new post about starting lectures tomorrow 🙂 I’ll put some photos on the next one as I don’t have the data to email photos from my phone to the Mac station as wifi download data is limited here -_- Maybe it means I’ll study more..? We’ll see…

Happy reading,

P x

Moving and Settling In

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