Hey guys,

So today’s post is going to be something a little different, instead of being about my experiences here in Brazil, I am going to be talking about something that they have here that I wish we had in the UK.

Something very simple and useful… on some occasions.

It’s called a “pipoqueira” here. Put it into Google and you’ll likely find the electric appliance but that’s not what I’m talking about… I’m talking about the pan. In Portuguese, the word for popcorn is “pipoca”, and “-eira” is typically something that does something.   Breaking it down, a manual pipoqueira is essentially a special saucepan, it’s slightly deeper than conventional saucepans and the lid has mini holes to allow steam to escape and there is a lever built into the lid which moves in circular motions. The idea of this is to keep the popcorn kernels moving around at the bottom so they don’t burn. Soon the popping begins and it all gets a bit heated. As quickly as it all begins, it’s all over and you have some tasty popcorn. The difference? Hardly any is burnt. Why don’t we have these pans?? I don’t want to rely on technology nor my microwave for oily popcorn! It’s practical even for street vendors to use on a larger scale, they push carts around popping large amounts of corn on the move and selling packets for R$3-5 (90p-£1.50). No wonder it’s so popular here….

Let’s hope we get to see our friend one day…

Admittedly not the best angle – but that’s what Google is for 😉

That’s all for this time, grande abraço!

Blogging no Brasil: Episode 9

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