The second month of living in Adelaide has been full of exploring Adelaide a bit more. I recently visited the art gallery, museum at Adelaide, Haigh’s chocolate factory, and the Barossa Valley.



The gallery and museum are both next to the University of Adelaide and they are both incredible. It took me half a day each to wander through both and I am still pretty sure that I might have missed a few exhibitions, emphasising just how big they both are! The gallery has a range of artworks displayed, including aboriginal, impressionist and perceptual art.

Art Gallery
Art Gallery


Haigh’s chocolate in Australia is known for making awesome chocolate and conveniently enough there is a factory in Adelaide a short tram ride away. It only makes about 3 of the many different types of chocolate that the chocolatier produces and sells per day, so it is quite small. However, a perk of taking a tour around the factory is (of course) the free chocolate you get along the way and considering I had never tried Haigh’s chocolate, getting a free fresh sample was amazing! I would highly recommend trying Haigh’s!

Haigh's Chocolate Factory
Haigh’s Chocolate Factory

Wine Tour

The ESN organised a trip to the Barossa Valley, which is a part of Adelaide where hundreds of vineyards are, of which we visited 3 in the day trip. The vineyards are a picturesque sight and luckily enough the sun was shining, even though it was winter, so the day was made even better! As Adelaide is known for its good food and wine, getting to visit the vineyards was very exciting.


I have also seen Adelaide from a higher perspective as I hiked up Mount Lofty, which was only a short bus ride out of the city and around a 2-hour hike to the top. The view from the top of Mount Lofty is incredible as you get to see the whole city from afar. Hiking to the top was not only a good day out full of exercise and fresh air, but also a confirmation of the thought that Adelaide is a beautiful city!

A break…

Although university back in the UK has just about begun for the new academic year, I am eight weeks into the semester and am now on my mid-semester break for two weeks. This will be a good break, considering I have no assignments due for a while and so will get to take time off to relax and have a few days at the beach (I hear they have a few in Australia). I will also be travelling to Melbourne for a week during the break!

Adelaide, Australia: Part 2

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