It was towards the end of August when I first arrived in Hong Kong amid a prolonged period of rainy season. Stepping out of the airport and then sitting in the quiet airport express(the train that connects the airport and central station of the Hong Kong Island) I had my first vision impact of the journey. Blocks and blocks of skyscrapers were like giants chasing you all over and this, indeed reflects a very prominent problem for all Hong-Kongers, the scarcity of developable land and the sky-rocketing property prices. This interesting feature of the city had an impact on me so deep that eventually I end up writing my dissertation about Hong Kong and its housing market.

Having finished my exchange programme already, I still cannot help myself from thinking back about all the good memories I had in that vibrant city, where I met some of the greatest people I know. Due to its impeccable location, I had the opportunity to travel with my friends to places like Thailand, Cambodia or Mainland China, which I consider a very good way of escaping from the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong.

Lastly, I would like to reiterate my love towards this city, a true financial and cultural hub; where you can find people, food and languages of all kinds; where you can enjoy the sun on the beach at anytime of the year or the view of the city after a fulfilling hiking trip. 

A Reflection on an Eye-Opening Experience in…

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