I would lie if I say that I had experienced a cultural shock when coming to Australia. It’s pretty similar to Europe. However, there are some things that I found different in Australia:

  • One-storey houses. That’s especially descriptive of Adelaide. You can only see skyscrapers and blocks of flats inside the city center (which they call CBD – central business district). Just outside the CBD the only type of houses you will see will be one-storey.

  • Water fountains and free toilets everywhere. Sounds like a small thing but it actually makes life much easier!
  • Free bike rental (in Adelaide). They just ask you to leave your passport as a deposit.
  • Lots of cycling paths which makes cycling around the city much more pleasant. Here’s a picture of the path I was taking every day from the place I lived to the university.

  • University hub had microwaves and toasters available for everyone to use. Hot water as well.
  • More expensive ☹ However, after spending some time in Adelaide, I’ve discovered Central Market, which offers cheap fruits and veggies (still not as cheap as in the UK for most things ☹)
  • Palm trees!
  • Australian accent. There a link to a video of the way Australians speak

Honestly, there’s no exaggeration in this video, they shorten everything!

To finish off, things that I’ve found similar to Europe:

  • Buses are never on time.
  • University library working 24/7. Which is useful even for exchange students especially before the exams.
  • 10 cent deposit for bottles and cans (not similar to the UK, but similar to many other countries in Europe).
Is Australia similar to Europe?

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