Having left Hong Kong little more than 1 month ago, it is difficult to put words to the energy and excitement that emerges, as I recall the memories made during my time there.

The exchange was incredibly fulfilling from so many points of view. HKUST is a fantastic educational institution, and through my exchange, I was exposed to technology and expertise, which I couldn’t have learned at the University of Southampton. Complementing and enhancing the educational aspect, being in Hong Kong was to put it simply, so much fun. There aren’t that many places where you can enjoy one of the most iconic skylines in the world and some fantastic beaches and mountains, within reach of a few bus stops.

Night time view of the Hong Kong Island skyline

Saikung Peninsula – Tai Long Wan beach

Going on exchange was surely the best choice of my university career, and if the above two pictures aren’t enough to convince you, here’s a few extra ideas: maybe a 48hour trip to Thailand, scuba diving with whale sharks in the Philippines or maybe go see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo? Asia’s magnificent beauties are at your feet, and I promise you 4 months will have flown by and you yourself may be sitting here thinking, damn how do I put into words just how amazing my exchange experience was.

Thank you to HKUST and the University of Southampton for adding such a beautiful chapter to my University life. 谢谢你香港!


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