My Time in Chile – Concepción


It is truly bizarre to think I set out on my year abroad nearly a year and a half ago. Nevertheless, looking back on it now, it’s hard to contain my nostalgia and the incredible connections and experiences I embraced

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In the Bonds: Experiencing Penn State’s Greek Life


Whilst studying abroad at Penn State I took up the opportunity to get involved in one of the most recognisable, albeit mysterious, parts of the American college scene….. Greek Life. Joining a fraternity was an incredible experience and allowed me to

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My time in Hong Kong

I’m Annie and I have recently returned from my study abroad year in Hong Kong. After two years of studying law at Southampton I couldn’t wait for new surroundings and new experiences. Arriving in Hong Kong was a culture shock

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Wonderstruck by Hong Kong


“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.” – Nury Vittachi, Hong Kong: The City of Dreams Hong Kong, my reason to get up in the morning and stay up all night. Never could you run out of

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Seoul searching in South Korea

2016-03-10 21.09.17

Going to study at Seoul National University for a year was one of the riskiest decisions I’ve ever made…. Before going, I knew a handful of things; North Korea constantly poses a threat, Gangnam Style is not my kind of

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A Miami oceanographer log book

Friendly manattee in Crystal River

So as part of my MSc in Oceanography at Southampton, I took the opportunity to sign up for the study abroad program. I have to say I didn’t hesitate much, and having lived in 6 different countries in my life,

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