The last full month :(


So before I came to Canada I was fully expecting the harshest of winters by the time we hit November/December. Don’t get me wrong we’ve seen a little bit of snow and it’s not warm but right now but it’s

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Adventures of a bilingual Canada…


Hop over to my blog… …to hear about my fun times at Western University, Ontario. Recent instalments include Montréal adventures (en français) and a post about a Geography event I attended!

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Perth, WA: The One Where I Talk About Real Life


As was mentioned in my last entry, the month of October was always bound to be when I had to hit the books. With four essays to write and then an exam on the 1st of November, there has been

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Posting from Canada – Western Ontario


Hey everyone! So October has been a super busy and fun month! It started off with Thanksgiving celebrations, had a couple of mid term exams and then finished with a trip to Montreal and going out for Halloween! Still having

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First Impressions of Western


As soon as one journey ends, another begins. My summer was chaotic to say the least, and I now find myself in Canada, as a student of the University of Western Ontario. Having arrived two months ago (yes, I’m almost

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Perth, WA: The One Where I Go Exploring


Having been in Perth for nearly two months I’d done quite a lot in the city, and settled into college life and the monotony of lectures and tutorials, the latter of which are enlivened in the arts by the fact

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