Last semester I finished my ‘exchange life’ at HKU(The Hong Kong University). And I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.I still remember the first first day when I have arrived at HKU.


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Following that, I joined some welcome parties for exchange student. And I visited some famous tourist sites over the next few months.

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STANLEY(which is a town and a tourist attraction in Hong Kong. It is located on a peninsula on Hong Kong Island. The Chinese name “Chex Chue” refers to the original village-town but “Stanley” generally refers to all the surrounding areas of the peninsula.)

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Traditional festival in Hong Kong

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BBQ with my friends at “Shek O”. It is also a beautiful place where can relax yourself.


The famous tourist attractions at Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Some delicious food in HK

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I really enjoyed these few months in Hong Kong. Although the time has gone quickly, I never forgot this experience.


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