A Miami oceanographer log book

Friendly manattee in Crystal River

So as part of my MSc in Oceanography at Southampton, I took the opportunity to sign up for the study abroad program. I have to say I didn’t hesitate much, and having lived in 6 different countries in my life,

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The Other Side of the World

Exploring the Jenolan caves and its geological formations.

Australia is quite literally on the other side of the planet, with roughly 13,000 km of Earth between Southampton and Adelaide you can bet your body that it will be sore, stiff and tired after sailing the Jet streams for

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Penn State – Part 2

Well I am back in Southampton so I guess it’s probably about time that I got round to sharing my experiences from my second semester abroad in America. I returned to State College after spending winter break travelling with my

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The end..

After a 24 hour long flight, I’m back in the UK, and I’m already reflecting on what such a great experience i had.. and when i can next go back! So the mid-break started with more travelling. My boyfriend came

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Study Abroad Year at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW)

I was fortunate enough to have earned a study abroad placement at UNCW for the 3rd Year of my Marine Biology degree. Having lived in 6 different countries, I was no stranger to moving abroad to live somewhere new. I

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If God isn’t a Penn State Fan, then why is the sky white and blue?


As I am starting to near the end of my year exchange at Penn State, it time to start reflecting on what has been an incredible year.  I the following series of posts, I hope that I can convey some

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