Applying to Study Abroad

The University of Adelaide

Studying abroad has always been an idea that appealed to me, and was a considerable reason why I applied to study in Southampton in the first place. For numerous reasons, my first semester of first year wasn’t a very enjoyable

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I come from a land down under…


After an amazing two weeks exploring Australia, all that was left for me to do was to get my head down and work. So week 9, 10, 11 and 12 were pretty mundane. It basically revolved around studying, revising and

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Perth, WA: The One Where I Talk About Real Life


As was mentioned in my last entry, the month of October was always bound to be when I had to hit the books. With four essays to write and then an exam on the 1st of November, there has been

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Edward Dunn, Potsdam October 2016


My name’s Edward Dunn and I’ve been in Potsdam (Germany) for about two weeks now and I am feeling very settled in. It’s strange, because I feel like the friends I’ve made here, the experiences I’ve had and the memories

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Perth, WA: The One Where I Go Exploring


Having been in Perth for nearly two months I’d done quite a lot in the city, and settled into college life and the monotony of lectures and tutorials, the latter of which are enlivened in the arts by the fact

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Summer abroad in California

This summer I spent 8 weeks studying at the University of California, Berkeley and all I can really say is that the experience was amazing and I enjoyed every single moment of it, not once did I feel homesick. I

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