Studying in the USA: One Year On


Despite feeling like only yesterday, it’s been a year since I first departed for the United States, and so much has happened in that year. My final exams are over and so I now have an opportunity to reflect on the

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The nice stuff I’ve done


Before the work started, the local churches were excellent at organising things for international students, even if you weren’t a part of the church. Below is a picture from a hike up the local ‘mountain’. They also put on trips

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Getting Settled in Pennsylvania


After spending my Summer on the West Coast I was sad to leave but ready for a new experience which came in the form of The Pennsylvania State University. Before I arrived at Penn State I spent a few days

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First month in America

America and their universities (colleges) are exactly like they are in the films. Here at Penn State, the campus is huge and sprinkled with gardens, lavish building and even it’s own renowned ice cream parlour. The town of State Collage

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Summer in the Bay Area


10 weeks, 3 courses, 2 finals and a tradeshow later and my time at U.C. Berkeley is up and it’s been a fantastic Summer. I’m not sure what my expectation of Berkeley was but I definitely didn’t expect all the

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Penn State: A Touch of Home

Howdy! I have been writing about my wonderful experience in this great country of the United States of America and I thought I might write about something a little different today. In the past few weeks, on the other side of

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