Wow! It is pretty unbelievable to think I am 3/4 of the way through my time in Canada. I know everybody says it will go quickly, but I didn’t appreciate how quickly time would pass.

Feeling completely settled here and understanding the routine of Canadian university has made life much easier. The studying is very different in comparison to back home, with lots of quizzes and attendance marks, rather than just an essay and an exam. In my opinion this has made it much easier and allowed more free time to send exploring new places!

During Spring break I made my way to Toronto, as this is the closest ‘big’ city to London. It was great to have a look around and visit the CN tower, which looks super pretty at night, with all different colours and patterns. From here, I spent the rest of the week in New York City, which was incredible. We managed to tick off most of the touristy things and even saw on show on Broadway. When I first set off for Canada I had no idea that I would be able to get to New York so easily – it was an amazing week!

Here in London, I have tried to make the most of my time and try new things. I joined the dodgeball team, which allowed me to make lots of new friends and meet some Canadians, as mostly in my residence I spend time with the international students. Dodgeball was such a lot of fun and something I plan to continue when I am home. Furthermore, something I have never tried before was Zumba, but residence putting on a class to attend, and with some persuasion a group of us went and it was very funny, especially noticing my incredibly poor co-ordination and rhythm! It is a great way to spend time with friends though and keeps you active!

The nightlife here has been different to back home. Having joined the outdoors club socials have been held every Monday at Molly Blooms pub, with karaoke being a major part of the night! On a Wednesday we tend to head to the student pub (the Spoke) on campus, which is a little like Stags back home. Rick McGhee, who has been playing at Western for years always does a set, which creates such a lovely atmosphere and always make for a fun night. The weekends tend to be for clubs here, however, there is a lot less of a variety, but with this area home to so many students, they are always good nights!

It is definitely starting to become real that I will be heading home soon, but I am lucky enough to be travelling to the West Coast once my exams are over, giving me an opportunity to see places like Banff, Whistler and Vancouver. It is great to be able to do and see lots of places here and I feel very fortunate to have met so many amazing people and have made friends all over the world. It has been great to share the differences between our cultures and learn lots of new things about different places all over the world.

Where has time gone?

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