So after a heavenly break at home, filled with birthday celebrations and reconnecting with people whose faces I’d only seen via a screen for 6 months – I am back, and have already dived headfirst into second semester.

Whilst transitioning from China – to home – and then back to China could have been an emotional whirlwind, the strange fact was that each time I came back, it felt like nothing had changed. Perhaps this had a lot to do with the fab people who welcomed me each time, but it was a surprise how it only takes a mere few days until you can be accustomed to somewhere you’ve spent a good amount of time before.

This month will mainly be about getting a move on with finishing off my dissertation (eek!), and trying to squeeze every last drop of experience and language learning out of the last 3 months here. I truly cannot believe it has gone by so fast, and I know that this time next year it will seem it was already 100 years ago.

So, even though it can be tough in the mornings getting up so early, having to miss everybody back home again for another few months and constantly shifting between those, ‘ah-ha!’ moments and feeling like I don’t understand what anyone is saying – I am going to try and savour every second.

I spent such a long time looking forward to this opportunity, never fully knowing until the last minute whether I would be lucky enough to actually be here. But I was and I am and I won’t ever get the exact same chance again.

One of the best pieces of advice might be, ‘Don’t wish your life away.’ Of course, it is easy to look and see the negative aspects of the situation you are in, but chances are once you are out the other side you’ll look back and feel nostalgia for the moments you never even realised were special at the time.

Here’s to the last few months; I can’t imagine how quickly they will pass me by…


… Let’s enjoy the moment x



Weirdly normal

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3 thoughts on “Weirdly normal

  1. As it was you – you and Jules both looked so well and I am living for our holiday in August!! Much much much love xxx

  2. How wise…and it was SOOOO lovely to see you back in England. And while I take heed of your advice NOT to wish life/time away, I am so very much looking forward to and your family and OUR family holiday in August…roll on (but not too quickly!) x

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