Although, obviously went to Sydney for university, travel within Australia is fairly cheap so I used practically all my free time exploring different parts of Australia, until the boarders closed due to Covid19 šŸ™ I missed my planned trips to New Zealand and Adelaide but this just gives me another reason to go back when things get better!! Also kinda sorry for all the terrible puns…

Brisbane – koala-ty trip

So, after the first term (only 4 weeks long) I took a trip to Brisbane and Surfers Paradise with some friends. In Queensland, unlike NSW and Victoria you can actually hold koalas!! The place we visited had so many famous peoples’ pictures around like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran! Honestly it was such a great day šŸ™‚

Blue Mountain – chasing waterfalls

The view!! Honestly ngl the walk took a fair bit of effort but the views were worth it! Only a train ride from Sydney – which if you go on Sunday is capped at equivalent of Ā£2! Such a cheap but memorable day!

Surf Camp – Swell Weekend

At the start of November I went on a three-day surf camp! During the day, we learnt to surf with the traditional Australian BBQ for lunch then in the evening we went down to the beach and relaxed and played games! It was a great because lots of friends I had already made chose the same dates so this camp was great to spend time with people I already knew and become friends with new people too! The instructors were so fun and somehow with my complete lack of natural talent I did stand as well as fall many times. Honestly, although I wasn’t the best at all at surfing it was one of the best weekends šŸ™‚

Byron Bay – Don’t worry, beach happy

I think this is the most chilled-out place I have been in my life!! Slept on the beach, silent disco on the beach and nobody is in a rush to do anything!

Melbourne – Girls Trip and later on a birthday trip with my dad.

Melbourne is so pretty but with such changing weather! The Great Ocean Road and Philip Island to see the penguins were my highlights from the trip with my friends. Later I was lucky enough to go again with my dad, nan and grandad. My dad was born in Melbourne so we got to visit the houses he lived in and the hospital where he was born. Then the virus began… I had been looking forward to taking my dad to see the penguin parade but as this shut I was lucky enough to find a beach near to the CBD which also had penguins return to it every sunset. The pictures taken did not have flash to protect the penguins.

Cairns – Cairn-t believe I got to go here

Obviously, the main reason to go to Cairns is to experience the Great Barrier Reef! The colours, fish, turtles, reef sharks and rays etc were so incredible! My mum and brother came out to Australia for Christmas and this was definitely an amazing Christmas experience! I am so glad I stayed in Australia and experienced a hot Christmas! It was such a unique experience! Also seeing crocodiles was pretty great

Few random pictures, the wild animals you spot in Aus are pretty cool- pelicans, emus, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, whales, seals, penguins, dolphins, lizards, bats and so many more!! On my last day, I also went to Taronga Zoo which overlooks the skyline of Sydney!

This was truly the best year ever! If you have the chance go to Sydney šŸ™‚

UNSW Sydney and the rest of Australia!!

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