November was primarily primarily filled with midterm examinations…sigh. Mid-terms were a dragged out over a few weeks and limited the number of other fun activities that could take place. However, there were a few of highlights from Rez life.

Firstly, as a celebration of finishing midterms our residence of 600-odd students had our semi-formal event. This was an incredible event. It was so much fun to get dressed up, and go out and party in Western’s equivalent of the student’s union with all your relatively new buddies. Despite being informed it was a ‘dry’ event, you could tell it everyone was going to be well hydrated. It was a really enjoyable event and a great way of making new friends and developing new relationships. It’s sad to think that we don’t have these events back in Southampton, they’re brilliant!

We also have the incredible event of ‘Gotcha!’. Essentially this is a residence-wide game of tag. Everyone pays a couple of dollars to enter the game and at midnight on Sunday night the game goes live. We were each given a sock with our name and the name of our target. The aim of the game is to go and catch your target, hitting them with the sock and exclaiming ‘Gotcha!’. By doing this you eliminate them from the game, get there sock, and their target becomes your target. Whoever has the most socks at the end of the week, the following Sunday at midnight, wins. All the socks are then donate to a homeless charity! What’s not to love? Everyone takes this game so seriously. Names are changed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; profile pictures are removed; people go into hiding. The cafeteria is full of people in hoodies, caps, scarves, sunglasses, trying to hide their identity. It’s hilarious to see and very exciting, despite being very time-consuming. People spend hours swapping information and camping outside their target’s room. It is a great way to meet new people, even if you’re hiding your identity. I’m so disappointed that I only get t

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